Call For Paper

Wearable Visual Markers
Wrist-Worn Sensors
Integrated Textile Sensors
Piezo-Electric Sensors
Collar-Sensed Motion Gestures
Touch Sensitive Fabrics
Forearm Smart watches
Magnetic Field Sensing
Inertial Sensing
Commodity WiFi Devices
Visually and Motor Impaired Supporting Systems
Devices for Low Vision People
Body Orientation Sensing
Sensing with Smartphones and Wearables
Phone-Based Behavioral Patterns
Noninvasive Blood Screening Cameras
Mobile Commodity Sensors
Skin Reading Haptic Display
Touch-Based Vibrotactile Interactions
Tactile Vertical Perception in 3D
Finger-Worn Devices
Skin-Friendly Materials
Wearables in Healthcare and Wellbeing
Smart Eyeglasses
Swallowing Sensing Devices
Muscle Virtual Food Texture
Multi-Modal Wearable Ambient Display
Fusing Smartphone and Smartwatch Sensors
Underwater Body Sensors
Mobile Activity Recognition
Smart Watches Through Eye Tracking
Wearable-Oriented Industrial Projects
Context-Aware Personal Health Assistance Services
Human Respiration Detection Systems
Unsupervised Recognition and Interleaved Activities
Smart Device-Based Password Manager
Traits Perception Systems in a Smart Homes
Intra-Body Networks
Inter-Body Networks
Walking Sensing Systems
Urban Sensing Human Mobility Systems
Mobile Crowd Sensing Systems
Passive Sensing and Detection of Mental Health Systems
Hiding Sensitive Smartphone Data
Environments for Smart Textiles
Wearable Reducing Anxiety Systems
Ambient Air pollution Systems
Wearable Devices
Implantable Devices
Brain-Driven Devices (Brain Signal Capturing Devices) Wearable Sensors, Actuators, Input/Output Devices
Smart Textile Technologies, Textile Sensing and Feedback, E-textiles, Smart Fabrics
Eyewear Mounted Sensors and Actuator Systems
Wearable Displays
Smart Watches
Smart Glasses
Smart Night-Vision Devices
Smart Audio Drivers/Amplifiers
Smart Accompanying Robots
Manufacturing Challenges
Societal Implications, Health Risk, Environmental, Privacy Aspects
Wearable Sensor Networks (Wireless, On-body, Near-Body, Internet…)
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices
Computer-Operating I/O Devices for Persons with Disabilities
Wearable Applications Designed for and Delivered via Smartphones
Smartphones as Personal Wearable Communication Devices
Smartphones with Sensing Modalities
Interaction and Cooperation Via Smartphones
Communication with Smart-Watches, Smart-Glasses
Smart Communication Technologies (e.g., Bluetooth)
Smart/Intelligent Prosthetics
Organ Replacement Devices (Artificial Organs)
Accompanying Robots
Patient/Citizen Body-Driven Technology (Self-Adaptive Devices to Body's Conditions)
Devices for Helping Services for Persons with Sense Disabilities (Blind, Not-Mobile, etc.)
Designing Large-Scale Grids and Clouds of Smartphones for Assistive Coordination
Motion detection and activity recognition
Neurological Disabilities
Personalization, Customization and Lifelong Learning in Activity Recognition
Wearable Systems Design
Ambient Intelligence Driven System Requirements
Requirements for Augmented Context-Awareness
Systems Designs Combining Wearable Features and Ubiquity
Designing Eyewear Systems
Smartphone Services Design and Service Composition
Smartphone Technologies and Sensing Specialized Devices
User Modeling, user Evaluation, Usability Engineering, User Experience Design
Cognitive Networks for Medical Communities
Interfaces (Explicit, Implicit, Hands-Free, Speech-Based, Haptics, Context-Aware …)
Integration of Medical Assistive Devices with Healthcare Systems
Human Factors, Perception, Acceptance, Ergonomics
Modeling, Simulations and Empirical Experiments
Tools, Testbeds and Deployment Challenges
Design of Smart Clothing in Medicine, Wellness, Healthcare, Disabilities, Elderly
Virtual Hospitals
Ambient-Assisted Living
Activity Monitoring Devices (Walking, Working, Sleeping, Exercising, …)
Pain Control Devices
Lifestyle Improvement Devices
Alert and Hazard Situations Monitoring Devices
Patient/Citizen Localization
Life-Threatening Cases Assessments
Studies Based on Large Cell Phone Deployments
Teaching and Education
Consumer Markets and Entertainment
Case Studies
Risks with Medical Devices
Social Impact and Acceptance
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